Well-known in the San Francisco Bay area, Cheryl Blalock is a premier voice teacher, acting coach, stage director and performing soprano.

A passionate leader in the performing arts, for the past 11 years, Cheryl has served on the board of directors for Lyric Theater, actively driving Fundraising and Marketing. She has directed numerous Main Stage, Discovery and Outreach shows for Lyric Theatre and served as a faculty member for 9 years at the San Francisco’s Girl’s Chorus teaching students from middle school to adults.

Cheryl has performed over 40 lead roles with companies such as Lamplighters, Lyric Theatre, Stanford Savoyards, and West Bay, Livermore, Oakland, Marin and Inland Opera Companies. She has toured nationally with two of Ken Malucelli’s productions, “Oh Mr. Sousa” and “SavoyExpress”. She performs both traditional and contemporary chamber music and as a professional soloist with local symphonies and churches.

In addition to her BA in Music and French from CSU, Long Beach, Cheryl has an MBA from Saint Mary\’s College in Moraga. Cheryl has extensive training from highly respected Voice and Acting Teachers including Michael Morris, James Toland, and Daniel Helgot. She is fluent in French and English with Basic Performing skills in Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and German.

We invite you to benefit from Cheryl’s extensive experience. If you’re looking for a highly skilled stage director, to improve your singing and acting skills, or for a noteworthy soprano, Cheryl’s qualifications will surely top your list! Talk with Cheryl about what you are looking for.

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Cheryl Blalock is not only a very fine performer, with many, many productions behind her, but is also a very creative, thoughtful and well-organized stage director. She is very up-beat, always smiling and on top of her game. She seems particularly adept at juggling several pressing tasks at once without breaking a sweat. She is a happy person who knows how to get things done and has a fine sense of fun. It would be a delight to work with her again in the future. James Campbell, Conductor

A consummate singer-actor-musician, Cheryl has been one of my “regulars” for many years. I can always count on her for her stellar voice, radiant personality, camaraderie, teamwork spirit, and best of all, a refreshing lack of “attitude.” She is an absolute joy to work with. Ken Malucelli, Owner, Prince/SF Productions, Artist Management and Representation

A verdict of emphatic & unanimous approval was passed last night upon Mr. W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan’s new comic opera … in their greatest triumph since The Mikado. So said the Times of London on Dec. 8, 1889 in its review of The Gondoliers. The same words deserve to be written this week with the Lyric Opera’s seventh mounting in its 40-year history. The Gondoliers, directed by Cheryl Blalock, Lyric Theatre, 2012

Using the quotes and allusions to “Master and Commander”, Cheryl Blalock’s production of HMS Pinafore was the first time I really liked the show. -from a long time board member of Lyric Theatre, 2007

Soprano Cheryl Blalock performs the title role with appropriate elegance, singing her romantic melodies with a full range of emotions. Countess Maritza, Lyric Theatre, 2000

Cheryl Blalock steals the show with her songbird-like coloratura soprano. The Pirates of Penzance, Lyric Theatre, 1992

The show is blessed with two of the finest ingénues in the company, Cheryl Blalock and Rachel Louis as Gianetta and Tess. They showed a clear, concise knowledge of what Gilbert and Sullivan had in mind. The Gondoliers, Lamplighters, 1988

Cheryl Blalock…shows off her considerable vocal abilities as Princess Ida. Princess Ida, Stanford, 1987

Cheryl Blalock was both funny and moving in La Divina, a comic mini-opera about an aging diva who can’t seem to give her final farewell performance. Technically excellent, as she had been at the pops picnic, she also managed to convey both the sadness and the frustration attendant upon one who is heading over the hill. Lake Tahoe Summer Music Festival, 1986

Cheryl Blalock: For catching my jaded eye (the left one) and refusing to let go; and for keeping up the high standards of Gilbert & Sullivan maidens everywhere, a born Yum-Yum if ever there was. Note: picked from the chorus of her first stage production, Lamplighters’ Ruddigore, by Gerald Nachman, primary theater critic for The Chronicle, Valentine’s Day column, 1983