As a veteran performer AND a stage director, Cheryl brings one-of-a-kind expertise to communicating words and emotions through voice, expression, body language, and stillness.

Learning the art of character development, how to connect to one’s feelings and experiences and become free to express these emotions confidently takes time. It also requires introspection and the safe place that a constructive and supportive coach provides. Cheryl gives that to students who want to master audition techniques for both acting and singing or who want coaching for their roles on the stage.

Cheryl has formally trained in acting for singers with Daniel Helfgot and the late Boris Goldovsky. Her drama training included courses at CSULB, A.C.T., private acting coaching, workshops in acting for commercials, and professional voice-over training

She has recorded voice-overs for music education programs, toured nationally in the acting role of Jennie Sousa (with the character aging from 16 to 67), and performed as lead performer in over 40 productions.

She studied stage direction as assistant director with Daniel Helfgot and with Don Tull, and has now directed six fully staged operettas and written and produced multiple themed outreach programs. From every angle, Cheryl knows what it takes to get cast, and how to connect with audiences. Ready to get started?

Learn why Cheryl’s diverse background qualifies her to teach, direct and perform.

Learn why Cheryl’s voice students go on to perform in musical theater, opera, jazz and a capella ensembles.

A passionate leader in the performing arts, learn more about Cheryl’s stage direction capabilities…

As a soprano, Cheryl has performed over 40 lead roles and toured nationally. Learn & HEAR more…